Hair Drug Test Facts That You Need To Know

Random drug tests in workplace are a common phenomenon these days. Every employer wants their employees to be drug free, which is fine.

The key to success for any organization are its employees. But, if employees start showing unprofessional behavior in the workplace then that's where the problem starts. One of the reasons for such behavior can lead drug use.

When employees take drugs it has an adverse effect on their health and safety. It also results in decreased productivity and poor employee morale. You can also incur additional costs in the form of health care claims, especially short term disability claims.

With marijuana being legal in most states, the impact of drug testing on employees has seen a decline in the last few years. So far, companies in states that have legalized either recreational or medicinal marijuana are leading the way on dropping drug tests. A survey last year by the Mountain States Employers Council of 609 Colorado employers found that the share of companies testing for marijuana use fell to 66 percent, down from 77 percent the year before.

Nonetheless, if you smoke a doobie every now and then for recreation, the chances of THC molecules being present in your body is extremely high. And, it might lead to a rejected application if you’re tested positive.

But, worry not! We are going to tell you about different methods which you can use to pass an upcoming drug test with flying colors.

Synthetic Urine for Drug Tests

There are tons and dozens of synthetic urine brands out there. But, the best synthetic urine has to meet some specific standards.

Does synthetic urine work?

Yes, but you have to be a bit picky about choosing the right one because laboratories are starting to test for the presence of synthetic urine. The best fake pee should have exactly the variety and the quantity of ingredients that are present in real human urine.

Making use of synthetic urine is the safest way to pass a urine drug test for pre-employment screening. However, you might need to consider few things before choosing the right synthetic urine kit, like the temperature of urine must be similar to the urine discharged from the human body.

Choosing the Best Synthetic Urine

Low-cost synthetic urine is easy to detect. Expensive synthetic urine is similar to what labs use to calibrate their equipment.

Fake pee or synthetic pee is easy to purchase online and almost always works to pass a urine drug screen. However, the dreaded urine drug screen is constantly evolving. As a result, substituting fake pee for your own and passing a UA test is becoming more difficult every day.

Not only is supervision on the up and up-making more difficult to hide and use fake urine, but some labs even test for fake piss. But don't worry, man, it's still totally possible to pass a test using synthetic urine. You just need to know how to use and conceal your use fake piss and make sure to use quality synthetic pee.

Synthetic urine products are all pretty much the same, with minor differences such as ones are powdered and others are premixed. You need to be aware of the brand of synthetic urine you decide to use. If cheap, you might pass in a cheap lab, but if it is in an expensive lab, you will get busted.

Normal urine leaves the body at around 97 degrees Fahrenheit. Urine tests test for temperature. If the synthetic urine temperature is below that or normal urine, then it raises questions. When you go for the drug test, find a way to keep the urine at the right temperature.

When you buy synthetic urine, make sure to look out for the ingredients. The key concept is for it to be normal urine in terms of Ph., Odor, color, gravity, composition, and other normal urine features.

Passing a Hair Drug Test

Unlike urine drug testing, which may only detect drug use within the past 2-3 days, hair testing is able to detect a pattern or repeat drug use for up to 90 days!

You can get the THC and its byproducts out of your hair using different methods and detox shampoos. The good thing about detoxing your hair and scalp is that it can all be performed in the privacy of your home.

The Macujo Method has also been proven to work and many still use this method to detox before a follicle screen. This method includes 7 steps that must be followed exactly. The Macujo Method has helped the heavy of smokers pass the hair drug screens.

The best time to start with detox by Macujo Method is about 10 days before the test. If you are not given the 10 days, then start as soon as you are given the word. Follow all of the directions thoroughly and you will do good. You can read the detailed instructions on .

Using Detox Pills for Drug Test

The surefire way to pass a drug test is to be naturally detoxified, so that your body does not contain any of the metabolites a drug test will look for.

But, employers don't give you that much or a notice period! So, you need to boost the detox process by consuming detox pills. You can try detox pills that accelerate the process and help you get rid of THC sooner than expected.

If you are a moderate smoker, your body can naturally get rid of the toxins in 10 days, but with detox pills, you can achieve it in 5 days.

There are loads of options available in the market - some low-priced and some extremely costly. We recommend that you read detailed reviews before buying.

Detox Drinks for Drug Test

Detox drinks works well for light smokers. It doesn't actually get rid of the toxins, but gives you a cover-up time to submit your sample for test. You can trust detox drinks for masking the metabolites for a few hours.

Get your hands on a quality product, based on user reviews and feedback, to get the most out of it.

Keep in mind that THC is highly fat soluble. This means that while liver is always working to get rid of it, some of the metabolites are 'trapped' in the fatty cells.

The longer you've stoned, the more times you take weed, its potency, and your rate of metabolism are some of the major factors that determine the number of THC metabolites that end up in your fat layers, and how fast your body is able to remove them.

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